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We’d love to speak to you about website design that will act as an online home for your business, showcase your services and effortlessly sell your products.

We’re here to give your brand purpose online and make your business that much more impactful – all while creating a user-friendly, mobile ready and e-commerce enabled website.

It goes without saying that in the technological and Internet-driven world that we live in, a business needs a website to survive. Not only does it give your business a ‘home’, but it allows you to obtain high-quality clients more quickly, by offering them a pleasurable and convenient customer experience. Even though word of mouth is still great, it’s a lot slower than Google.

Your website lays the foundation to further build your brand awareness, customer base, social media campaigns and overall success of your business on. A website is the one place where all of your digital marketing efforts lead out from and filter back into – and with the tools available to us today, tracking exactly how many people visit your site, what pages they gravitate towards or what country they are from, is so much easier.

A number of exciting elements go into the design and maintenance of a power-packed website. The likes of a strategic layout, easy navigation and effortless buying all play a crucial part. E-commerce websites are growing at a rapid rate, as more and more people find confidence in buying online.

[hcode_accordian accordian_pre_define_style=”toggles-style1″ accordion_preview_image=”toggles-style1″ accordian_id=”1478860022″][hcode_accordian_content accordian_title_icon=”icon-global” accordian_title=”Domain Name & Hosting” hcode_icon_color=”#ffffff” hcode_title_color=”#ffffff”]We’ll secure a domain name of your choosing along with a self-hosted WordPress Application to build your brand new website on.[/hcode_accordian_content][hcode_accordian_content accordian_title_icon=”icon-browser” accordian_title=”Premium WordPress Theme” hcode_icon_color=”#ffffff” hcode_title_color=”#ffffff”]

At Halo Digital, we utilize premium WordPress themes to make your website not only more professional, but also to ensure that your website is built on a strong coding foundation from the very beginning. We’ll recommend Premium themes for you to choose from, based on your website needs and your brand vision.

[/hcode_accordian_content][hcode_accordian_content accordian_title_icon=”icon-envelope” accordian_title=”Email Accounts & Hosting” hcode_icon_color=”#ffffff” hcode_title_color=”#ffffff”]

With our services, you’ll have access to any email addresses you would like to have associated with your business and website name.

[/hcode_accordian_content][hcode_accordian_content accordian_title_icon=”icon-profile-female” accordian_title=”User Functionality” hcode_icon_color=”#ffffff” hcode_title_color=”#ffffff”]We design websites that are Retina geared, mobile-responsive and user-friendly. We’ll take your customers on a enjoyable journey right from your landing page all the way through to the completion of a purchase.[/hcode_accordian_content][hcode_accordian_content accordian_title_icon=”icon-gift” accordian_title=”E-Commerce Enabled” hcode_icon_color=”#ffffff” hcode_title_color=”#ffffff”]

With your vision, we’ll create the perfect online store for your customers to enjoy. Our E-commerce integration is done through WooCommerce and a Payment Gateway of your choosing. We recommend making use of a local system such as Payfast Secure Payment Gateway. 

[/hcode_accordian_content][hcode_accordian_content accordian_title_icon=”icon-tools-2″ accordian_title=”Support” hcode_icon_color=”#ffffff” hcode_title_color=”#ffffff”]

We offer our clients WordPress training with technical maintenance and on-going support to ensure that you feel confident in managing your new website and your orders.