Angelique du Toit

Client: Angelique du Toit
Services: Web Design

Design a site that can be used for the sale of books, downloads of free resources – and latest information on speaking engagements and events.

Angelique du Toit is an inspirational speaker, author, businesswoman and influencer.

With three books published, Angelique needed a fresh new website to suit the branding of the “trilogy.” As her books were set on very dark backgrounds, we needed to bring this into the website without it looking heavy. I wanted to keep the website as clean as possible, whilst bringing in the darker borders at the header and footer of each page.

With a vast number of visitors to her site every day, we needed to ensure that it was easy to navigate and enjoyable to read and so the text was set in interesting layouts.

With a number of free e-books and resources available on the website, it became a great way for us to gain leads and keep visitors coming back for more.

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